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WorldParts is a new line of high quality automotive parts
offered at an affordable price.

  • First to market domestic and import coverage for vehicles 10 years and younger
  • Full external Grey Fusion 4.0? coating meets or exceeds Salt-Spray Test Regulation ASTM-B117
  • Vehicle specific designs
  • Years of fleet proven testing

Stainless Steel
Rust is brake cables? worst enemy. Here is a cable that will resist the damage of corrosion.
Synonym with safety on the road, this stainless steel cable remains reliable at all times.

Corrosion Resistant
The protection of the cable is completed by a weatherproof sheath which prevents water and dirt particles from penetrating the assembly and restraining its operation.
Easy Installation
Flexible Case: Designed for easier installation.
Quality Fit
Process to assure a Perfect Fit Every Time you install a Quality Fit product

Worldparts New CV Axles Shaft Assemblies are designed from the ground up to be the highest quality, most reliable and toughest CV axle in the aftermarket. Each axle is designed to meet or exceed all OEM requirements. Every part is 100% new, built in a state-of-the-art ISO 9001/TTS16949-certified factory and requires no core return.

Integrating the outboard inner raceway with hub shaft results in a more accurately operating bearing with a more controlled installed preload than the separate inner raceway that is characteristic of Gen 2.5.
Improved impact/shock load resistance due to an induction-hardened outboard inner raceway instead of the Gen 2.5 hardened inner raceway. Multi-lip outboard seal provides improved sealing with mounting flange, resulting in improved water and contaminant exclusion, and longer service life over Gen 2.5.


Positive Mold post cured technology
Pressure compressed process to create consistent material density to provide stable and consistent performance
Abutment clips and hardware included where applicable
Application specific formulations to match OE material type
Expanded Ceramic coverage to meet market demands
Includes Heady Duty formulations for Fleet Applications & Medium Duty Trucks
Scorched Brake Friction process to reduce break-in time
Multi layered rubberized shims to reduce vibration and noise
Molly (PFTE) lubricant supplied with every set
Slotted and chamfered as per OE specifications
Stamped pad ears for a smooth installation and reduced vibration
Electronic wear sensors included where applicable
Limited Lifetime Warranty