Eastown Automotive was founded in 1983 by Dynamic Automotive Rebuilders, influenced by Fame Automotive in Chicago. The present owner , Terry Fouda first came on board as manager in 1988. Eastown Automotive has been at it's present location since Feb 1989 and supplies auto parts and industrial machinery to the Greater Toronto Area and surroundings. Eastown Automotive Supply Ltd is totally Canadian owned and operated.

Eastown is a favourite jobber supplying auto parts not only to Scarborough, but also has many international customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer quality automotive parts and equipment to both wholesale and retail customers always meeting or bettering our competitors' prices.

When requested to find hard-to-find parts, we will pursue all avenues possible to track them down and obtain no matter how obscure or rare.

Whether you service a fleet of vehicles or just perform the occasional repairs in your driveway, we will treat you with equal respect and welcome your business.

Due to our knowledgeable staff, our access to warehouses of hundreds of thousands of parts and equipment, our years of experience and our dedication to our customers we strive to be the best Auto Parts Jobber in the Greater Toronto Area.


Terry Fouda
Eastown Automotive