Willy Fisher

"I have been dealing with Eastown since 1996.

Eastown gets my business because of the large inventory of parts they stock in house. Also their pricing and service is excellent".
Willy Fisher
Willy Automotive
Inter Provincial Heavy Duty Construction & Marine & Military Mechanic

Sirpa has been dealing with Eastown since 1991.
She has purchased all her parts for her many vehicles over the past 20 years including her 2005 Dodge Magnum which she currently drives.
She looks forward to continue dealing with Eastown because she says they always have her best interest in mind.

"I first started dealing with Eastown in 1994. Eastown has always shown good reliable service and product knowledge."

Garth Davis
Licenced Mechanic

Licenced Mechanic

Billy has been dealing with Eastown since 1988

" I have been dealing with a lot of auto parts jobbers and I have to say that Eastown is by far the BEST and most complete jobber"

"When I was building my classic 1976 Chevy pickup, I had Eastown source all my parts.
Great service on their part as my truck has parts from three different year vehicles including TPI from a 92 Camaro".

Inez |Inez
Inez has been dealing with Eastown since 1990.
She says she needs dependability,and reliability
with her vehicle for her long trips to the East Coast, and thats why she says Eastown is the right choice for Auto Parts.


Suraj and his brothers came to Eastown to find support
for their small repair shop.They were surprised that Eastown had so many manufacturer lines,including 1st 2nd and 3rd line products.Their business has increased because of Eastowns support.


Richard Alleyne
Richard is from the Island of Christ Church Barbados. He repairs and builds motors and generators. He also rewinds stators. Richard has been dealing with Eastown since 1988, and he says he likes dealing with Eastown because they do the hard work to source parts for him. He invites Eastown staff to Barbados for some Bajan Rum

Lana Lana

Lena has been buying her car parts from Eastown for many years.

Good product knowledge and friendly staff are the main reasons.


Bonnie has been dealing with Eastown since 1993.
She enjoys dealing with Eastown because " they go the extra mile, to make the customer feel most important".


Charles Brathwhaite
Charles is a mechanical engineer from Christ Church on the island of Barbados.

He has been a loyal customer for many year’s and states he likes to deal with Eastown because they can find the hard to get, as well as discontinued parts, and they are set up to ship quickly. He says he would like Eastown to open a Distribution Center in Barbados.

Licenced Mechanic

Walter has been dealing with Eastown since 1993.
Walter is a mechanical electrical car technician specializing in on-board computer systems. He finds that Eastown has great technical information and also finds that Terry the CEO of Eastown is also a car electrician and specialized in computers himself.

P Ellwood
Pat Ellwood
Licenced Mechanic

Pat has dealt with Eastown since 1983.
Pat is a licensed mechanic,
who is specialized in high performance muscle cars.He has been a loyal dedicated customer who will continue to purchase premium quality parts from Eastown.He states he likes Eastown because they are able to access many hard to find odd ball parts. Also, he considers the counter staff at Eastown very highly qualified in the Automotive industry, and the logistics are by far the best.









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